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Puria Serum gives you an even complexion that adds a lot to your personality. The peculiar ingredients of the moisturizer would carefully reserve the skin water and help it to look clean and fresh even at advance age group. Puria Serum has natural plant extracts that give an immediate effect to your skin.The product is suitable for all skin tones. Even the skin that has a combination to dry tones would love the product as a whole.

How to Use the Puria Serum?

Just bring on that bubbly look girls! Clean your face with a moisturizer or a face wash. Now take a little quantity and pat the serum directly over your face. Rub it gently until it gets invisible. If you need some more of it, squeezeto some more from the tube. The skin that feels dry during winters and harsh weather conditions needs extranourishment. And, Puria Serum would give the finest level protection to your skin.

Puria Serum

Puria Serum Reviews

“I have used the most expensive serum on my skin. But none of them were even close to Puria Serum. Those itchy days are replaced with a supple skin tone that glows out of nourishment. The serum has a delicate flowery smell that keeps me fresh all day long. I don’t have to carry numerous moisturizers with me now. Just Puria Serum is enough to keep my skin happy.

I have a patchy skin tone. My nose and forehead most of time remains dry no matter how many times I moisturize it. Recently, I bought a packing of Puria as my trial serum. It worked so well without leaving my skin greasy or over pampered. The product gave consistency to my skin. Just after 10 minutes of application, the product was all absorbed and there was nothing on my face at all. I have also started receiving a lot of positive comments from my hubby and kitty members. I promise that Puria Serum would be your favorite cosmetic too!

I wasted something inexpensive yet worthy for my skin tone. Most of the serums available in the market are either too pricey or non-effective. There is nothing that is well balanced and has a particular blend of herbs and natural ingredients. On meeting my dermatologist, I was suggested with a bottle of Puria Serum. Surprisingly it ended my eternal search and left me so much pretty. I feel so amazing even without makeup. I am sure that this serum is the best one for every person on earth. It is just an epitome of perfection for me!

Whenever I have pimples, acne or blemishes on my face, I quickly resort for Puria Serum. Since, I usually do not use any skin care product; my cosmetic collection- is quite limited. Puria Serum would give you a feel of using a quality product. It has turned my life so easy and convenient. The moment I face any skin issue, Bella Rose Rx is my answer for it.

Since the time I have used Puria Serum, my dark spots and blemishes are all gone. I do not use any other serum besides this and look at the “wow” skin I get with this. Hats off Puria Serum.

Those sagging that used to leave me annoyed every time on looking mirror is no more there. Well done Puria Serum. You are my hero!

Puria Serum


How Does Puria Serum Work?

The Puria Serum is an all in one product that works as a routine serum, night collagen and a skin therapy. You don’t actually need something else after buying a bottle of Puria Serum. I was personally surprised after trying the serum for the first time. The day one itself fetched me quite a lot of complements because of applying the serum.

Puria Serum gives a thorough anti-ageing effect. It has anti-wrinkle and face firming technique that replaces all the skin disorders and leaves behind smooth and supple glow. Puria Serum has retinyl, glycoid acid and salicylic acid as it ingredient. The ingredients quickly work on your dark spot areas and dimes those unwanted sagginess, patchiness and fine lines

Puria is the best serum to avoid the after affects us exposure. It acts as a protective layer that heals any kind of damages taking place because of the sun radiation.

Puria Serum deeply moisturizes your skin and leaves it hydrated for a longer time span. It leaves your skin constantly fresh and regenerating. Those old and dead skin cells are right away removed with Puria Serum skin dose.

Puria Serum works more than the night or day serum. It has every single property that saves out the routine skin care issues.

From where to Buy

Just order it online and get a free trial pack with it.  we are sure that no person can resist using the product after trying it for once. You can buy it at discount with certain offers from the sellers.

puria serum

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